Deciding Whether To Install Solar Panels

23 November 2018
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The solar panels of today are better at extracting energy from the sun than solar panels of the past. However, the question is often whether a solar panel is worth the upfront cost. If you don't save enough money to bring about a return on investment, would it be worth the initial investment? There are several reasons why most homes would benefit from installing residential solar energy panels.  Solar Panels are Cheap Read More 

Tips For Using Your Propane Space Heater

13 October 2018
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A propane space heater is an excellent source of supplementary or emergency heat. Yet, homeowners may not use these heaters frequently enough to be familiar with the best care practices for them. Clean The Heater's Burners Regularly cleaning the heaters burners is necessary for keeping the unit operating safely and efficiently. While propane is a very clean burning fuel, carbon and other residues can gather on the burners. A set schedule for cleaning these burners may not be practical as the rate at which they become dirty can vary depending on the frequency of use, the quality of the fuel and other factors. Read More 

The Pros And Cons Of Upgrading Your Ceiling Lights To Leds

19 March 2018
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If you are making some improvements to your home and lights, you may be considering upgrading your ceiling lights to LEDs. Troffer lights, recessed lights, and most other types of ceiling lights now come in LED versions, and they are becoming more common by the day! However, there are a few drawbacks to making these upgrades, too, so you'll want to weigh both sides before taking the plunge. Pro: LED lights save a lot of energy Read More 

How A Power Optimizer Can Make Your Solar Panel System Work Efficiently

10 January 2018
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If you are considering a soar panel system for your home, then you can save the environment. The electricity used in your home is made at power plants with the use of generators. Many power plants use oil and coal to generate this energy, which contributes to global warming. A solar panel system uses energy already present in the environment to generate energy. Read on to find out how solar edge power optimizers can make your solar panel system work efficiently. Read More 

How Purchasing A Portable Solar-Powered Bluetooth Speaker Can Benefit You

6 January 2018
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If you like to spend a lot of time in the great outdoors, you know that nothing can enhance the experience more than some great tunes. Listening to all of the songs that you love to jam to make the time seem to fly by, whether you're sunbathing or making some enhancements to your deck. You might have previously believed that a personal MP3 player was the only way to go, but there's another contender on the market that you might enjoy as well:  A Portable Solar-Powered Bluetooth Speaker, such as from Renogy. Read More