How A Power Optimizer Can Make Your Solar Panel System Work Efficiently

10 January 2018
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If you are considering a soar panel system for your home, then you can save the environment. The electricity used in your home is made at power plants with the use of generators. Many power plants use oil and coal to generate this energy, which contributes to global warming.

A solar panel system uses energy already present in the environment to generate energy. Read on to find out how solar edge power optimizers can make your solar panel system work efficiently.

The Importance Of The Inverter

Inverters are one of the most important components in your system behind the solar panels. They convert the direct current energy generated by the solar panels into usable alternating current energy. Inverters help your solar system produce appliance friendly electricity.

String inverters are one of the most common inverters used in this market. On the other had, a power optimizer is another type of inverter that is in the category of module-level power electronics. However, MLPE technologies are gaining more popularity in this market.

The Advantages Of A Power Optimizer

Power optimizers are often used with commercial and residential solar installations. They are best for installations with panels that faces different directions and when panels are shaded. This component also allows you to monitor the power production of the individual panels. It can produce more power than a system with a string inverter as well.

How Does The Component Make The System More Efficient?

Power optimizers are integrated into the panels. They decrease the impact of panel shading on your solar panel system. Systems that use optimizers are usually cheaper than ones that use micro-inverters.

Here is how an optimizer makes your system more efficient. It preserves the direct current energy before sending it to a string inverter. The combination of the optimizer and string inverter results in higher system efficiency.

Many homeowners enjoy the security of solar panel systems. A number of things can affect your electricity. For example, utility companies can close down, fossil fuels can run out and generators can break down. Solar panels only need a small amount of energy to power your home.

If you are still unsure about changing over to solar energy, then you consider these benefits. Your utility bill is going to be lower and will continue to save as long as the system is in place. However, a solar panel system is not cheap to install. An average residential 3kW system can cost a homeowner around $15,000.