The Pros And Cons Of Upgrading Your Ceiling Lights To Leds

19 March 2018
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If you are making some improvements to your home and lights, you may be considering upgrading your ceiling lights to LEDs. Troffer lights, recessed lights, and most other types of ceiling lights now come in LED versions, and they are becoming more common by the day! However, there are a few drawbacks to making these upgrades, too, so you'll want to weigh both sides before taking the plunge.

Pro: LED lights save a lot of energy

LED lights are a lot more efficient than other lighting options like incandescent and even fluorescent bulbs. They will significantly decrease the amount of electricity uses, so your energy bill does not sting as much when it comes at the end of the month. And decreasing your energy use is good for the public, too. Electricity is largely produced by burning coal and natural gas, both of which are limited resources. Using less electricity helps preserve these resources and also reduce environmental impact.

Con: LED lights can be costly

LED lights have come down in price over the last couple of years, but they are still more costly than other options. You may pay $300 for an LED troffer light, whereas you can get a fluorescent one for $100. If you are on a limited budget, making this upgrade may not be the best use of your funds -- though you will eventually recoup the money you spend in terms of energy savings.

Pros: LED lights are cool

Not cool as in "hip" -- though they are that, too! LED lights operate at a lower temperature and don't give off as much heat as many other light varieties. This means your home stays cooler, which is a big benefit in the summer months. You may be able to avoid turning on the AC so soon when you have LED lights rather than incandescent ones.

Con: LED lights must be installed very carefully

If you have a pro installing your lights, then you need not worry. But if you are determined to install the lights yourself, LEDs are a bit more of a challenge. If you do not install them entirely correctly, they may start flickering or dimming as they age. So spend some time studying up or hire a professional so you can avoid future issues.

With the information above in mind, you will make a more informed decision as to your light upgrade.