Equipping Your Home With Solar Battery Storage Systems

2 May 2022
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If you are looking to improve the energy efficiency of your home, the addition of solar panels can be among some of the most efficient options. To further improve the results that you are getting from this upgrade, you can install solar battery storage systems.

Battery Storage Can Provide Power To The Home During The Overnight Hours

One of the main disadvantages that you can encounter with your solar panel system is that it will be unable to produce power during overnight hours. However, it is still possible for it to be a reliable power source for your home. This is due to the ability of the battery storage to capture excess energy during the day so that it can be used at night. For the best results, you should limit the power that the home is using during the day so that more of the energy can be stored. For those that work during the days or are otherwise normally away from the home, this may be as simple as remembering to turn off the lights, televisions, and other electrical devices before leaving.

The Capacity Of Solar Batteries Can Vary Significantly

As you are evaluating potential solar battery systems to install in your home, it is important to be mindful of the capacity of the systems that you are considering. In particular, you will need to balance the storage capacity of the battery system against the energy needs of the home and the output capacity of the solar panel system. Failing to properly balance these needs can lead to choosing a battery system that may not provide enough power for the entire overnight hours or a system that will be unable to be fully charged by the solar panels.

The Solar Batteries Will Not Decrease The Performance Of The Solar Panel System

A homeowner may be worried that adding battery storage to their solar panel system will decrease the performance of the system. In particular, these individuals may have concerns that the solar batteries will divert power from the panels that would have otherwise been able to power the devices in the home. In reality, these battery systems will only take excess power that is not being used by the home. This can allow you to effectively charge these batteries during the day without negatively impacting the performance of the solar panels in the process. For those that want to be sure that their solar batteries are fully charged during the day, it is possible to have the batteries be the priority so that the majority of the energy from the panels will be diverted to them until they are at capacity.

To find more information or to explore the possibility of installing solar panels on your home, contact a solar energy company near you—such as Harmon Solar.