Reducing the Cost of Lighting Your Warehouse With LED Lighting

18 March 2021
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Lighting a large space with high ceilings like a warehouse is complex, and the large lights that are used are expensive to operate, but reducing the cost of your lighting might not be as difficult as you might think. Installing LED high bay light fixtures can make a significant difference to your property. Read on to learn how they can affect the operation cost and provide all the light you need inside the facility.

Lighting Audit

If you are not sure what to do about the lights in your warehouse, you may want to have an electrician do a lighting audit for you. The audit will measure the amount of electricity used and the light available to determine the cost of lighting the building adequately. 

Often, the lights you have in place are old and use far more electricity than that need to. Replacing all the light can be expensive, but if you go to an LED high bay light, the cost to operate the lights can be significantly lower, but you need the audit to determine the current cost to run the lights before you can determine the actual saving,

Choosing Lights

Once you have the audit results and are considering replacing the lights, you can start to look for LED lighting that will work for you. LED high bay lights often come in different styles, so you can choose round lights, long rectangular lights, or some combination of the types available to make the best use of the available products on the market. You may also want to look at lights that come with protective panels on the face to protect the lights from the cargo as it is lifted into racks near the ceiling as well. 

The electrician you are working with can help you select lights inside the warehouse or facility and install them for you. A commercial electrical crew can install LED high bay lights quickly, and often they will work in sections so they can replace a few at a time while you are still working. 

It may also be worth spending the money on a system that will shut off lights in areas that no one is working in and turning them off when someone enters the area. Your electrician can wire the LED high bay light you are using to a system that controls when the light is on and not. This can be an excellent way to conserve electricity on overnight shifts when smaller crews work in the building.

Combining LED high bay lights with these additional resources and better monitoring of when and where the lights are on in the building can reduce your energy cost and still provide the lighting you need inside the warehouse.